Characters of 

A Rokian's Curse


Queriven remained a mystery to me for the longest time. Truth be told, I'm still learning about him today as he tends to keep secrets from me. He has a terrible habit of running from his mistakes, which only makes him feel worse about them in the long run. He believes he's a terrible coward who deserves nothing but the worst. This can easily be seen in the way he defends himself, not just in his words, but in his actions as well. His personal safety doesn't matter much to him, but that'll soon change when he's faced with love from his family and friends again. Queriven must face his fears and grow into a better person, or lose everything.


Maybe Rocanu's not a very big character, but he's still an important (and interesting!) one. He's one of the oldest vayen aray alive, which makes him a powerful and wise veteran. He, and a few other vayen aray, remember the terrible day the rokians and they were sucked into another dimension about 1000 years before the book. Rocanu is an important foundation behind the scenes, though his concept didn't change much from what he is now. I sense he'll have an even more important role in the future, but only time will tell. His long and narrow facial features are inspired by birds of prey. His name also means "Eagle above rock and tree."


And I thought Queriven was a mystery! Well, I guess he still is in character, but there were some secrets I didn't know about Darkadus until I already finished the book the first time. I had to change a lot in the story to fit in my new discoveries on this one. This rokian may be questionable, but he has fair motives. He loves his tribe and tries to do what's best for them, no matter what that means. His silver skin and burning amber eyes make him stand out in a crowd.

Blair Tripps

Blair changed a lot throughout her early concept. She always had an important position, but I often felt like she was too generic. It took a lot of work for her to shine as a unique personality. She has a sweet side, though she can certainly become the fighter if she needs to be. She only needed a push to discover her true potential, then she took it there herself.


All in all, she tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve, and it usually doesn't bother her. She's a daydreamer and a bookworm. Her parents spend a lot of time worrying about her because her curiosity and open mind makes her trusting of strangers.