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Yusen Nashögan
(Yoo-sin Nash-oo-gan)

From: ???




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A seasoned pirate and sailor from a far-off land, Yusen Nashögan now calls himself an ally to Darkadus. The rokian promised him protection and fame from the rokians Darkadus planned on freeing. After adding in a dash of treasure beyond imagination if Yusen Nashögan, his crew, and Darkadus joins forces in releasing the rokians from their imprisoning war, the man accepted and worked alongside him for two decades. After struggling in capturing both Blair Tripps and Queriven and losing his ship and loyal men, he began to question if the reward was worth it. Nonetheless, he pushed on until he was killed by Kielle's hands in the forest.


The pirate has been pillaging the seas since he was a young man, and so became attached to his ship and crew. They are the closest thing he has to family. While money and freedom intrigue him, none of it compares to his crew. Most of them think the same. Yusen Nashögan may be stern and tough to follow under, but he would place everything he has to secure the safety of his freedom and family.


With his many years of being captain, Yusen Nashögan is an excellent leader and sailor. His men respect him and so do his enemies. He's an intimidating foe who would back up his threats. He is a man who does not like to see defeat and will return with a grudge, especially if it involves his freedom and crew.

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