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Duncan Tripps
(Dun-can Trips)

From: Bailiese

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Duncan Tripps carries an old family name and tradition in Bailiese. His blood is one of the fewest families who stayed in Fairdraisha after the rokian raids a thousand years ago. While adventurous at heart, Duncan finds joy in continuing his family's legacy in raising goats. His wife believes it was his love in stories and adventures that fell down on Blair. He encourages her passions a little more than his wife appreciates.


Raising and herding goats go beyond a family tradition for Duncan Tripps. He's honored by it and genuinely enjoys his time in the hills. Taking Blair along for the chores became a bonding time between the two, and he loves to spend the time telling her stories of dragons and heroes. He loves to stay busy outside of the house. While Blair is the greater reader in the household, Duncan also enjoys reading a few books on the occasion he is relaxing inside. 


Duncan is a wonderful storyteller and loves to play outdoors. He is a hard worker who enjoys doing his work the right way the first time. His cheerful personality makes him a pleasant person to be around.

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