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From: Sylinna

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Foradue is the lord of Aven Forest by choice. Most see him as a caring leader with the best intentions for the forest. He is the elvish equivalent to a king, though he is not above the forest and is approachable. He's an elder who has been in his position as long as most elves remember.

He may not look it, but he was a wild youth who carried reckless adventures for the sake of pride and catching the attention of young women. In that age, he was quite adept at a sword before magic as he thought that looked more impressive.

He blames the humans for ending the trade agreement after Brenmor demanded they traded in the forest for better safety against future thieves after a terrible battle took place. He has since thought humans to be selfish creatures.


Foradue is always busy whether among his advisors or alone in his office, but he takes pride in his enchanted gem collection. In his office, he has a wide display of precious gems he collected from previous trades with humans. An artist enchanter himself, he designed the magic over the gems to be useful. After many centuries of taking special care of them, their magic is powerful and has purposes from showing the weather and bringing fortune, to scrying and capturing spells.


While he can be judgmental with those he doesn't agree with, Foradue is insightful and has all the best intentions for the future of the forest. Old age hasn't slowed him down yet and his enchants are the strongest they've ever been. He may have been a prideful youth, but he doesn't let that get in his way now as the lord. He takes serious considerations and discussions with his advisors before making any big decisions.

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