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Writing A Rokian's Curse

A Rokian's Curse on a shelf
A Rokian's Curse Paperback

     I first had the inspiration to write this book when I heard the old classic song "Scarborough Fair." I thought a story centering on the theme of the song would be amazing, but I couldn't get very far with it. It didn't have enough specific details for me to retell it in the form of a book, but then I found something that did. As I was browsing around the internet reading myths and folklore (As I often do) I found another song, one that was like a different version of "Scarborough Fair." It was called the "Elfin Knight." This is was the birth of "A Rokian's Curse."

     My new idea went through many changes of course. Since I wanted the song to greatly inspire the story, I built the land to resemble Scotland. No, it was actually Scotland when I started. My first idea was to tell the story in a medieval Scotland where there was no magic or elves. That was the conflict, you see. Blair was an ordinary girl living in a non-magical world until Queriven came along. It remained this way for quite a while before I decided to change it into a fantasy world.

     As I was working, I had some concepts and ideas I wanted to use that would be more fitting if it was already set in a fictional world. I decided to make the change, and I knew I make the right decision because everything fell in place. Queriven's heritage became normal in the lore of the world, but he was still a mystery outside of Aven Forest, and Blair's perspective of what was happening around her made more sense. Overall, I felt there was a stronger story in the end because of it. The characters began to tell me how the story needed to be told and any questions I had came out like the sun after my first draft.

     This isn't the first story I've written, but I would consider it to be the best by far. It was the longest I ever worked on one, and I learned so much from the independent characters and fresh settings.


     The world of Fairdraisha is set in a magical world inspired by the rich land of Scotland where humans have segregated themselves from other races. They have grown oblivious to the Aven Forest that borders their continent in the east, though those people were once their friends. More importantly, the vayen aray and rokians, races that used to live in the world many generations ago, are long gone. Not even the elves can predict their power, not even when it begins to seep into Fairdraisha from the world they were banished to.

     Blair Tripps is the first one to witness the disastrous power of rokian magic, though she does not know what it means at first. On her journey, she'll find the rokians were just as terrible when they lived in her world many generations ago. The vayen aray, enemies to the rokians, tried to protect Fairdraisha from their power by banishing them. In doing so, however, they banished themselves as well. This makes Blair's quest especially hard since a vayen aray may be the only one to help her.

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