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The lone rokian visiting Fairdraisha. Darkadus has been on an important mission for a little over twenty years to return his tribe to the world where survival is easier. The Cujavinge Tribe at the time decided Darkadus was the strongest and most cunning individual among them. In a test of wits and power, they joined together to send the young man into Fairdraisha, where he hunted for someone to take his tribe's place within that unnamed, dying world.


Like many other rokians, Darkadus carries a lot of pride in his achievements. He has the tattoos that prove he is a master shapeshifter, magic casting, and fighter among others. To show off his awards, he hardly wears sleeves or anything that would obscure them, even if no one in Fairdraisha but Aen Vidwal would know what they mean.

Darkadus is a man who loves to stay busy and work hard, though he also has a thing for being tidy as well. He keeps himself clean and groomed, and falls in a bad mood if caught otherwise. Withholding his reputation is most important to him.


Darkadus started working on his ambitions ever since he was a young teenager. He knows his boundaries. After many years of practicing, he never lost a fight to a challenger. He couples his strength with his equal cunning, which he used to master the skills of the mind, including that of casting spells and shapeshifting forms. His magic and weaponry are better than most rokians!

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