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Blair Tripps
(Blare Trips)

From: Bailiese

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Up until the start of A Rokian's Curse, this young peasant girl lived a normal life working with her parents and the goats of Bailiese. While she loved living in Bailiese, her parents often accused her of daydreaming too much. She loved to read stories about mysterious creatures, adventures, and magic. Her dreams of seeing something as magical as described in her books often made her parents worry she wanted to leave home. On the contrary; she may have desired such an adventure, but she would never leave home for good...


This daydreamer loves to read anything and everything she can get her hands on, especially if it involves magic. She does most of her reading outside where the goats are when the weather is acceptable. She helps her mother cook, clean, and sew, but her favorites chores are the ones outside like gardening or herding the goats. Ever since she was little, she collected a strew of rocks, leaves, feathers, and other trinkets to sit on her bookshelf in her room.


Blair is incredibly intelligent and open-minded from all of her time spent reading. She carries a vast knowledge of plants and their uses and can adapt to various situations when her friends need her to. After rescuing her from pirates, Queriven taught her how to fight with a spear so she could defend herself. Now that she lives in Aven Forest, she desires to learn magic.

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