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From: Sylinna

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The youngest sibling of Queriven, Kielle, and Finhaus. Sirnah is often eyed as the baby of the family and is young enough to not fully remember the time they adopted Queriven. To Sirnah, Queriven was always part of the family. His interest in medicine came from his mother who was also their herb teacher in the elvish school. Because of his skills, he was accepted as the youngest healer employed in the Center Tree. 


By the time Queriven and Kielle were already in the military, Sirnah became fascinated with plants, then with medicine, then in being a healer. Sirnah is a talented elf, but extremely humble and quiet. When asked, he might say he's not good at much, but he does take pride in being a healer for the Center Tree. He wears his healer robes all the time in honor, even when he's not working.


Sirnah's greatest quality is his ability to work under pressure. He's seen terrible injuries, but he's always able to find his calm even under dire situations. He tends to work long days and nights in his position and many times others had to tell him to take time off from being too exhausted to focus right. He carries every knowledge about elvish plants, medicine, and bodily injuries.

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