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WARNING!: These pages can contain spoilers!


Aen Vidwal
(Ay-in Vid-wal)

From: Limadia

Close-up of Limadia on the Map of Fairdraisha.


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Aen is a young scholar of the Vidwal family. He lives in the Limadia estate with his many workers and servants. Back when the rokians threatened people's lives, the Vidwal family made a great reputation in their knowledge concerning rokians and their abilities to read the meaning of curses. In the present, this information isn't needed as much, but that's fine with Aen. He believes Fairdraisha is living in a new age where rokian magic can be safely forgotten.


While he still studies and writes, Aen Vidwal's not nearly as interested as his ancestors were. He would rather spend his time among his workers. He treats his servants like they're family and he loves to be in the crop fields with them. Aen is also a prankster who likes to make fun of his no-nonsense butler, Doulan, and others who take life too seriously. No matter how much he wants to appear more masculine, Aen Vidwal can't grow a beard or put on more weight. His distaste for his smooth face led him to pick at his chin. He feels he's doomed to living in a thin, scrawny body forever.


Aen Vidwal is a fantastic friend to likes to place his rank beside him and do the dirty work. He loves people and would rather work in the field than sit in a room writing a studying by himself. He is a hard worker who knows when to shift between being funny and serious, and even though he doesn't enjoy it as much, he is the last human alive who knows so much about rokian magic. He knows this and that's why he continues in his family's footsteps.

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