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From: Penacha

Traveling Bards

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The caravan of five, Cain, Anita, Connell, Lynny, and Fergus spent a lot of time in the year riding from place to place to play their music. They are well known all over the kingdom and they grew from performing on the streets to singing for the king himself. It's a profession they formed together after finding a passion they had in common.


Anita started the group and is the leader, but the others tend to look at Cain, her husband for guidance. Their son, Connell, joins them as part of the group as well, though they both agreed they would support him if he ever chose to do something else. Joining them is Lynny, who finds joy in bringing the team spirit to the group. Lastly is Fergus, who's the driver. He may appear quiet and stoic, but he cares a lot for the group and is usually the first one to try and find a solution to a problem.


As mentioned, they all joined together for their shared passion in making music. The trips around the kingdom and riding their caravan is an added bonus to their experiences. All of them can play multiple instruments and any one of them can sing. They enjoy the companies of others and have extensive knowledge of old tales and history due to the many traditional songs they play.


The group of five has a bond stronger than family, but that doesn't make them too tight with one another. They are all very open to meeting and helping others in need. After so many years of performing for both the poor and the rich, and shifting financially themselves as well, they aren't attached to material things as they are to stories, music, and friends. They see and appreciate the unique traits of others and none have greater loyalty than they do.

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