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Isabelle Tripps
(Iz-ah-bel Trips)

From: Bailiese

Close-up of Bailiese on the Map of Fairdraisha



Green Circle

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Blair's mother is a caring, though stern woman. She married when she was young, though she never had half of the adventurous spirit her husband and daughter did. Despite their differences, she loves Duncan with her whole heart. She loves Blair too, but she worries about her daughter's habits in reading and studying foreign lands and creatures. She always thought Blair would live a more fulfilling life if she settled down in Bailiese with a family of her own. 


Isabelle's greatest interests include gardening and cooking. She takes care when fixing a meal and makes sure it's pleasing in all senses and thinks lowly of food that didn't come out right. She loves her hobbies the most when she does them with Blair, especially in gardening since that is something they both delight in.


Her refined taste in food makes her an excellent cook, and while she can be stubborn to change her mind when she believes a certain way, Isabelle is a caring and loyal wife, mother, and friend. She's content in a modest life in Bailiese and isn't overly energetic.

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