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Green Circle

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From: Sylinna

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Queriven may be the eldest of the four siblings, but Kielle was the rightful oldest before they adopted him. She's considerably younger than he is, but that didn't stop her from picking fights with him. After her family joked about Queriven being the oldest child, she became his rival and would try and prove her title of eldest. This led to her copying his footprints. Before he joined, she was a student in magic like the others. Then she picked up a spear and joined him in the military.

After Queriven was exiled, Kielle took a lot of judgment from fellow soldiers. They thought if Queriven abandoned them, she would at some point as well. Ever so stubborn, she stayed to prove her loyalty and was rewarded with being the first knight of the military. 

After warming up to Blair's presence, she likes to eye her as a sister, which is something she always wanted as a child.


Kielle has a thing for tidiness. Her house is never seen dirty or in disarray. She has a place for everything. Between Kielle's tough nature and her poor first impression of her, Blair was a little afraid of what would happen to her if she left something in the wrong place for too long. 

Kielle may have copied Queriven for so long, but she really enjoys what she does now. She loves to train with her spear and she takes full responsibility in being the first knight before her unit.


Only those close to her have seen her cry. Even in times of weakness, she puts on a brave face and pushes onward. Her commitment to those she loves makes her a strong fighter and loyal friend who would willingly sacrifice herself if she needed to.

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