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Raek Brenmor
(Ray-ik Bren-mor)

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Raek Brenmor is the current king of Fairdraisha. He inherited the kingdom when he was young and many think he wasn't ready to take the responsibility. Generally, his kingdom doesn't like him on the throne. They believe he's arrogant and selfish. In truth, Raek Brenmor is barely an adult who wants to have fun. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the kingdom, it means reckless behavior and an invincible attitude towards important matters.


Raek Brenmor is a materialistic individual who likes fine luxuries and treasures. When he's not working, he is a carefree individual who likes to play games with others. Having a young wife doesn't sober him from including her in his rants about the positives and negatives of his inheritance of all his family's treasures and kingdom. To those close to him, he may include small hints in conversations about how he doesn't want the responsibilities of Fairdraisha. To others, he will most likely boast about it.


While not ready to take on the role of a king, Raek Brenmor is a fun individual to be around. He's creative and never has an end to new games he could play. He loves to enjoy life. However, because of this quality and his age, he has difficulty taking topics seriously.

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