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Vayen Aray


From: Lyfíhana

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Rocanu is one of the oldest of the vayen aray, who are immortal. Even he is unsure exactly how many thousands of years he's been alive. He remembers Fairdraisha. He remembers making Lyfíhana his home. All his life he tied up against the rokians.

As one of the oldest, his people recognize him as a veteran, which is a term they use instead of elder since Rocanu will never grow old. He oversees his people as one of the many leaders.

Unfortunately, he's always working and only takes a break to eat and sleep. His responsibilities are always at the top and he doesn't have much of a life to himself.


Rocanu loves people of many kinds. His race is usually a friendly one, but Rocanu makes it the center of his life. He's outgoing and extroverted. In the very rare moments he's not working, eating, or sleeping, he likes to be creative in sculpting scrimshaw from red ivory.


His love for people and his experiences make him the best leader one could hope for. He places the concern for others above himself all the time to the point he barely has a life to himself. No matter the individual, Rocanu always wishes the best for them, even if they wronged him. 

The vayen aray holds no grudges for the humans who betrayed him in the last fight against the rokians that banished them both. He believed they were doing all they could for the sake of the ones they loved.

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