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From: Lyfíhana

Close-up of Lyfihana on the Map of Fairdraisha


Green Circle

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Kerna is a young teenager from the little village on Lyfíhana, but she holds a secret none of the others have. Kerna is a selkie, which means she can shapeshift between a human and a seal as long as she has her seal's hide with her. She grew up among the humans of the village and, outside of a few other selkies, she talks with no one else. That was before Blair and Queriven stayed in her village. She avoided them for a long while but eventually trusted them once she learned they valued her safety. The only people before them who knew of her secret was the village. Because a lot of humans have hunted her kind in the past, she always had a great fear of being spotted by a human who didn't know her secret.


Kerna is a true selkie who loves to ride the waves and explore the ocean. She chose, out of fear, to live far away from civilization, but she never wanted to see a town of people she didn't know anyway. She knows she would never regret living a simple life by the small village docks and the ocean. She tends to be friendly when approached by someone she knows, but is not a people person and prefers the freedom of the ocean above all else.


With her ability to turn into a seal, she helps to catch fish at a record pace for the village. They knew she'll be gone from time to time, but she'll always return to them. Kerna, while she finds it difficult to trust strangers, awards those she loves with her innocence and loving soul. Only a few people have seen her sparkle with her passion for the ocean and how she can connect with it.

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