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Green Circle

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From: Bailiese

Map of Bailiese

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Hector is a young man trying to find his living in Bailiese. After growing up in the big city of Dunverhart, he moved to the small village after his blacksmithing mentor became deathly ill. Hector's original plan was to nurse his mentor back to health and return to Dunverhart where he would resume his training, but circumstances changed after Blair left. His master passed away and Hector found he loved the countryside working with the goats better. He wished Blair would settle in the village with him, but respects her independence. Hector hopes his master's spirit approves of his choice to drop his training and make a new living doing something he cares about more.


This city boy became an apprentice under a blacksmith in hopes of creating a good living in Dunverhart. He liked the work all right and it paid well, but then he uncovered his love for nature. Instead of money, he found he would be happier living in the small town working in the hills and herding the goats.


Hector is self-motivated enough to create a life he loves and focused enough to do the work required to reach it. He takes his goals seriously and doesn't like to waste time letting them slip away.

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