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From: Sylinna

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Queriven is an independent elf with a complicated history he doesn't like to share with others. In truth, Queriven is an only child who was adopted by the family of Kielle, Finhaus, and Sirnah after living homeless in Sylinna for almost two years as an adolescent. His birth parents were both killed in the last raid that ended the trade between humans and elves. Still holding onto rage, he later began training to become a soldier in hopes he could avenge his parents by fighting humans. After he became a knight and led his troops into a battle he wasn't supposed to engage, he got exiled from the forest. Forced to live for two decades with the people he wanted to destroy, the elf realized not all humans were as bad as the ones who attacked the trading post and he learned to leave his distaste of them behind him.


Queriven is active and doesn't like to stay cooped up in one place for too long. With all of his time spent outside, he's not fond of cramped quarters. Ever since his childhood, he always had some kind of chore, game, or daring act before him. Even before training for the military, he played with a lot of sticks and went on "adventures." Once he became comfortable with his new siblings, he involved a lot of them in his games as well, much to the dismay of his new calm parents. His mood grows sour as the weather becomes cold, however, as he remembers trying to stay warm when he was homeless.


Incredibly athletic and with a sharp mind, Queriven doesn't need a lot of time to learn new concepts and skills. His reasoning and problem-solving habits made him an excellent soldier, (before he lets rage take control of him,) though he tends to be too reckless and quick to sacrifice when it comes to his own safety. He learned a lot of skills from living away from Aven Forest. This includes modesty as many thought he was too prideful and too much of a workaholic when he lived in the forest before.

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