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The capital of Aven Forest. Sylinna is said to be the first city built in the forest. Their trees were enchanted when first planted to grow extraordinarily tall and wide so they could be carved out and lived in. Outside of carving rooms, they also carve furniture, tools, and other assets.

Like the rest of elvish culture, the city carries a lot of enchantments in its day-to-day lifestyle. Blue enchanted orbs light up the ebony, starlight, and dirt pathways at night. Each year, Sylinna hosts the biggest festival of the forest; the Starlight Festival where the whole city decorates in starlight and elves celebrate with food, music, and enchanted storytelling before gathering at a lake in a wide clearing not far out of the city to collect starlight.

Sylinna is often described as an oasis from the dangerous surrounding wilderness. With its enchants and patrols, the city is perfectly safe from the wilds. As a matter of fact, Sylinna is made most safe from sitting in the most dangerous part of the forest. It protects them from outsiders and raids.

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