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Lyfihana on map


Lyfíhana is the former home of the vayen aray. They made their home in a tall mountain on an island south of the mainland of Fairdraisha. When the folk lived there, the mountain city was friendly, inviting, and open despite the many rooms made of stone.

Ever since the race disappeared with the rokians, the mountain home is left to rot. Most of it is where the vayen aray left it as many people have been too afraid to enter the mountain. Part of it is from fear the race would curse them in revenge for betraying them in the last battle with the rokians. The few who have stepped it have reported seeing winged forms strolling the halls.

A small researching group settled on the island to uncover Lyfíhana's secrets. They chose to make the island their home and started families there. Many generations later and a small village is still on the shore of the island.

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