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Dunverhart on map


Dunverhart is the capital of Fairdraisha, at least, in the human kingdom. As long as humans lived on the continent, a Brenmor has always ruled over it. Over many generations, this gave the people vastly different kings ruling over them. Some were old. Some were young. Some were good and some were bad.

Both the city of Dunverhart and the port, Seadrake, tend to mirror whoever is sitting in the thrown at the time. Crime is prone to targeting these areas. It is up to the king and his followers if they want to prevent it or encourage it. 

The castle has the highest vantage point with its halls and courtyards climbing the side of a mountain in the south part of town. From there, the royal figures can see all of Dunverhart and follow the walls encasing it. On a clear day, they may even be able to see the outskirts on the far side, outside walls.

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