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Bailiese is one of the oldest, least changed villages in all of Fairdraisha. For thousands of years, the townsfolk lived as they always have. While other towns grew bigger and better over time, Bailiese stayed small and focused on its main livelihood; the village goats.

Since every family lives off their meat, milk, cheese, and hides, the goats became a collective herd on the far eastern side of the village where a lot of them are shared between families.

Every day, workers release and herd the goats to roam and graze the hills outside the valley Bailiese is home in. The town is a modest one, but not poor. Most families make a content living in the peaceful village. The homes are made of sturdy grey rock and small crop fields dotted to-and-fro around the town. Many of the civilians will leave occasionally to work or sell in Dunverhart, where they make more money.

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