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Starting School+Book Progress!

I start school on Monday, so I thought this might be my back-to-school kinda post even though I know many of you have already started. I was a little worried at first about how it would affect my schedule, but now that I have it worked out, I'm actually ready for it! I can assure you that never happens. I'm one of those people who really don't like school, (Though there are particular classes I like!)

Don't worry about the book though. I can assure you I'll be working on its release even during this time. It's not on the back burner. I'm making progress on it every day and when I'm not, I'm researching stuff for it. There's always something to research when it comes to writing or publishing!

I'll let you in on a little secret; I have something I'm super excited to reveal with you, but you'll have to be patient a while longer. I can't show you just yet, but a professional artist made a book cover for it. When it's ready, you'll see it on my social media and website homepage! A Rokian's Curse is coming along nicely. It'll be sitting on shelves before you know it!

I have so many ideas when it comes to A Rokian's Curse and its world and characters actually. If its release goes well, I thought about expanding it with sequels, prequels, short stories and the like, but only if you guys like it even just a fraction less than I do. If you don't, I have plenty more ideas where that came from. The hardest part is getting started as an author, and I'm using my work and classes as a step to making A Rokian's Curse and other great adventures a reality!

I hope the same is going along for you as well. Not necessarily the author part, (unless that is also your dream!) just the part where you're using school as a step to make a dream come true. I'll be here rooting for you! Don't give in to procrastination. That's how dreams stay only in dreams. I know because I can be the same way. Study in public places if it motivates you better, and set deadlines before your deadlines. That's how I do it.

Don't take me as an expert though. No one's perfect. After all, I had to buy back a school book I had last semester that I returned when the year was done...


Study hard, work hard, and have a goal set with steps and milestones along the way, and while you're browsing around on social media, why don't you follow my facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter? I'm thinking about posting some more inside information on my book there and here, so let me know some things you'd like to know about and I may answer them! Have an awesome weekend, my friends!

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