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2020 in Perspective

I know 2020 didn't please many. I'd be surprised if it pleased any. A little pandemic called Covid-19 blasted through the world and brought many hardships, regulations, and mass cancellations on plans. Worse of all was the effect on our loved ones. My heart goes out to all who were terribly sick and who are struggling after a passing. You are not alone as we all have struggled in this year together.

I don't think any of us saw this coming in 2019. I for sure didn't. 2020 was just another new year in my expectation, and when I first heard about the pandemic, I didn't think it would surf so close to home. Alas, it did and it still looks like we could be fighting it for a while longer. Even with that thought, I am joining the ranks of the nation in giving this year a hearty farewell.

Since revising, proofreading, and hiring services to get A Rokian's Curse clean for publishing, I haven't done a lot of writing outside of blogging and mini-projects. I haven't announced any specific plans for the future on my work, though I have stated that I would like to publish other stories. If you follow me on Tumblr, you might have seen hints at a sequel to A Rokian's Curse. That is my next big project. Not that it needs a sequel as it was created to be a standalone book, but I have many ideas to expand on the characters and world of Fairdraisha.

I don't have a set release date for it. I'm still working on the first draft and it's taking me a long time because of personal matters, school, and growing in marketing for my new identity as an author. My resolution for 2021 includes finishing the first draft of this sequel as well as releasing more information about it. I also have goals to release more short stories and reach out to more readers and interact with more people in authorship, writing, and fans alike.

As for the present, I'm thankful my family and I have been safe so far. It's not like I go out much or there's anything to do in the town anyway, but I've taken the regulations on staying home and mask-wearing quite seriously. I will continue to do so until we see the end of this mess.

Though we still have a struggle ahead, I hold on to a light bit of hope that it wouldn't endure as long as it had so far. If anything, I know it wouldn't be as worse as this year was. This time, we are better prepared to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Hang strong!

What do you think about a sequel for A Rokian's Curse? What would you like to see in it? Message me here or on social media! I always like to talk with people! How do you feel about the coming year and where it might lead you?

Remember to order a hardcover copy of A Rokian's Curse before January 12th so you can get a free ebook version! Visit the homepage for more information. ;)

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