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Aven forest on map

Aven Forest

The deep, magical forest on the easter edge of Fairdraisha and home to the elves. The western border before Sylinna is the most dangerous part of the entire forest. Those who don't know how to navigate the forest safely will get lost and most likely turn into a fairy if not killed by other beasts first.

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The infamous Aven Wilderness is like a dizzying jungle full of dangerous fairies, kelpies, dryads, and other deceptive monsters. The forest thins a little once it travels east and becomes safer around the Lettir area. A lot of the more passive creatures take refuge away from the chaotic parts there.


But no matter the area in the forest, it all lights up at night with floating lights of many colors. No one, not even the elves, know the source of this magic. There is nothing tangible or reflective about the lights, though it doesn't seem to bring harm either.

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