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Forest Border Trading Post on map

Forest Border Trading Post

The Forest Border Trading Post was once the meeting place between humans and elves. The elvish and human rulers at the time chose this place to trade goods between Sylinna and Dunverhart. Popular trades included medicine and starlight for the humans, and stone and ores for the elves.

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Ever since a gang of human thieves raided and slaughtered everyone at the post for the goods, the rulers have been at a disagreement about who's fault it was. The races broke out in argument and canceled their trading pact with one another. The decision left the Forest Border Trading Post forgotten.

Most of it still stands, though nature is taking over. Wagons and watchtowers are home to animal life and ivy climbs over the stone fences surrounding the site. The base remains as one of the greatest collaborations of humans and elves as both hands created it. The elves crafted watchtowers from trees and humans laid out campsites where all gathered at night. Rumor says the grounds are haunted and many are too afraid to see the place at nightfall.

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