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Lettir on map


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An elvish city not far from the eastern edge of the continent. It's a small town with more air to breathe in than in Sylinna due to the forest opening up a bit around the mountains and water. More clearings mean more farms for crops and herbs. 

The wild forest surrounding Lettir isn't as thick or dangerous as Sylinna's. This is a great option to live in if an elf wanted more fresh air and fewer threats from the wild outside town. However, a healthy waterfall spills down the mountain into the rushing river that runs through town. It can be heard from almost every part of Lettir. A lot more passive creatures reside in these woods.

Lettir was the vayen aray's chosen peace exchange with the elves. They landed on the top of the waterfall and offered the elves a horn of red ivory as a sign of their friendship. This meeting became an important part of elvish history and they pass it and the horn down through generations.

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