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Seadrake on map


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Seadrake is a port city closely affiliated with Dunverhart. The human government controls both cities with guards and officials. It's a tightly packed city with many bars and sailors. The officials hardly ever see the need to build new buildings as bars open and close, giving room for more businesses, and apartments are never completely filled.

Like Dunverhart, the city closely reflects the current Brenmor's character. a lot more officials look the other way in cases of crime when the king doesn't enforce protection. In that case, pirates and thieves may visit the city and sell or steal goods from not only Seadrake, but other towns as well.

Even in peaceful times, the city is always busy. No matter the time of day, people cross the streets, drink in bars, or work around the ports and offices. A vast majority of people who live in the city also work there and they are used to hearing people and businesses in the dead of night.

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