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Queriven's Sanctuary

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Queriven's Sanctuary on map

Queriven's sanctuary is a small shelter he built while he lived away from Aven Forest. Since the trees in this little wood northwest of Seadrake aren't enchanted to grow tall and wide enough to accommodate daily living, Queriven built a small shack right by the best tree he could find for added support. He still hollowed out the tree like the elves do in the forest, but it's only big enough to be a closet.

Inside, he has a hammock, a chest of blankets and other belongings, hanging herbs over the closet, and a small chair and table. The shelter has no floor and it's anything but flawless. The entrance is too short to walk through and the wood planks aren't aligned the best. Still, it kept Queriven dry and warm and wasn't too far from a river. 

Queriven spent most of his time here in the first few years he lived in the human kingdom and during the summers. When he can, he prefers to stay in inns and returns to the sanctuary when he struggles with money. This way, he can sell medicine he makes from the herbs he forages and grows at the sanctuary.

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