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After a mysterious elf curses Blair Tripps, she has only a year to find out what it does and how to stop it.
When she meets him again shortly after, she realizes there may be more to this trickster than she first thought...
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For most, the sight of an elf in Fairdraisha would scare even the bravest of men, but for Blair Tripps, she’s more than intrigued to see one up close. He’s charming, handsome, and magical, but he’s also eyeing her as his target. When he finally draws her in his arms, Queriven sets a visible curse on her skin.

“When the trees catch the colors of fire again, you'll no longer be a part of this world.”

Those were the last words he left her before he disappeared. Now Blair’s left with limited options; stay home and endure disaster, or run away in hopes to discover what this means and how to undo it. Choosing the latter, she heads off into the big wide world in search for answers, but quickly discovers Queriven in her path once more. He claims to know nothing about what happened to her and seemingly joins her side to help her with no motivation at all. Who is this mysterious elf who seems to follow her, and does he want to help her, or destroy her? And most importantly, what is he hiding?

Blair has many questions, and a very short time left to answer them.

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